Талқылау:Германия — нұсқалар арасындағы айырмашылық

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(Бетті '{{ТМ}} == President == Hello, Һорст Көһлер (Horst Köhler) is the correct Kazakh diction of the name of the German president. Хор...' дегенмен алмастырды)
Best regards,
Juhan, German Wikipedia
Of course it Russian diction. But we usually use Russian diction when we're writing American, European names, toponims and word that came in our language from German, French or English languages, cause we(and our literature, science, too) depended to Russia for 150 years.
My English not well as yours, so I'm sorry if you can't understand my words.
With best regards, Kambar, from Russian and Kazakh Wikipedia.
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