Каир — нұсқалар арасындағы айырмашылық

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|area_land_km2 =
|area_water_km2 =
|population_as_of = 2006<ref name="Capmas2006">[http://www.msrintranet.capmas.gov.eg/ows-img2/xls/rep1ne.xls Central Agency for Public Mobilisation and Statistics, Population and Housing Census 2006, Governorate level, Population distribution by sex ('''excel-file''')] Adjusted census result, as Helwan governorate was created on the 17th17 of Aprilсәуір 2008 from a.o. parts of the Cairo governorate.</ref><ref>[http://www.demographia.com/db-cairo.htm Cairo: Central City & Suburban Population & Density<!-- Bot generated title -->]</ref>
|population_note =
|population_total = 6,758,581