Қатысушы талқылауы:Bekus — нұсқалар арасындағы айырмашылық

:That article was deleted because it was too short even for a stub. Regarding Wikibilim, I don't have any relation to this fund. You may want to contact [[Қатысушы:Ashina|Ashina]]. [[Қатысушы:Bekus|Bekus]] 03:27, 2011 ж. желтоқсанның 22 (ALMT)
::Article that was too short even for a stub could be restored and should be transferred to [[Уикипедия:Құмжәшік|Wikipedia Sandbox]]. --[[Арнайы:Үлесі/|]] 10:11, 2011 ж. желтоқсанның 27 (ALMT)
:::Article is restored because it is developing. I found a website that translates text into Kazakh. ([http://online.translate.ua/ link]) --[[Арнайы:Үлесі/|]] 05:34, 2011 ж. желтоқсанның 28 (ALMT)
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