Басмала — нұсқалар арасындағы айырмашылық

Түйіндемесі өңделмейді
[[File:The Bismillah India.jpg|thumb|Bismillah calligraphy from the [[Mughal Empire]].]]
The three definite nouns of the Basmala—''[[Allah]]'', ''[[ar-Rahman]]'' and ''[[ar-Rahim]]''—correspond to the first three of the traditional [[99 names of God]] in Islam. Both ''ar-Rahman'' and ''ar-Rahim'' are from the same [[triliteral|triliteral root]] [[R-Ḥ-M]], "to feel sympathy, or pity". According to [[Arabic English Lexicon|Lane]],<!--p. 1056f.--> ''{{transl|ar|DIN|ar-raḥmān}}'' is more intensive (including in its objects the [[Muslim|believer]] and the unbeliever) and may be rendered as "the Compassionate", while ''{{transl|ar|DIN|ar-raḥīm}}'' has for its peculiar object the believer (considered as expressive of a constant attribute), and may be rendered as "the Merciful".
The Basmala has a special significance for Muslims, who are to begin each task after reciting the verse. It is often preceded by [[Ta'awwudh]]. There are several [[ahadith]] encouraging Muslims to recite it before eating and drinking. For example: