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==Hello world==
* BEFORE MAKING CHANGES to the "Hello World" example
* please establish consensus by discussing your proposed changes
* on the Talk page. This is not the place to "Be Bold"; this
* has been discussed before at length.
* If you change the sample program without discussion, it will be
* reverted within a few minutes.
* Yes, you could say "using namespace std;" or "using std::cout;".
* Yes, you could use "std::endl" rather than "\n".
* Yes, you could add "return 0;" at the end.
* Yes, you could add "int argc, char ** argv" to main.
* Yes, your ancient compiler might require "#include <iostream.h>".
* Yes, you could use "printf" from the Standard C Library.
* But don't.
* The latest consensus is ''not'' to make any of those changes.
* This is the example "Hello, world!" by Bjarne Stroustrup,
* the author of the C++ language, and is used in
* his book, "The C++ Programming Language (3rd edition)".
--><source lang="cpp">
# include <iostream>
int main()
std::cout << "Hello, world!\n";
<!-- [[statically typed]], [[free-form language|free-form]], [[multi-paradigm programming language|multi-paradigm]], [[compiled language|compiled]], general-purpose [[programming language]]. It is regarded as an intermediate-level language, as it comprises a combination of both [[high-level programming language|high-level]] and [[low-level programming language|low-level]] language features.<ref name="shildt">{{cite book |title=C++ The Complete Reference |edition=Third |authorlink=Herbert Schildt |first=Herbert |last=Schildt |publisher=Osborne McGraw-Hill |date=1 August 1998 |isbn=978-0-07-882476-0 }}</ref> Developed by [[Bjarne Stroustrup]] starting in 1979 at [[Bell Labs]], it adds [[Object-oriented programming|object oriented]] features, such as classes, and other enhancements to the [[C (programming language)|C programming language]]. Originally named '''C with Classes''', the language was renamed C++ in 1983,<ref name="invention">{{cite web |url=http://www2.research.att.com/~bs/bs_faq.html#invention |title=C++ Faq: When was C++ Invented |first=Bjarne |last=Stroustrup |publisher=ATT.com |date=7 March 2010 |accessdate=16 September 2010 }}</ref> as a pun involving the [[increment operator]].