Уикипедия:Форум/Ұсыныстар — нұсқалар арасындағы айырмашылық

Therefore, the time has come as an alternative name to write a new translation of the Ukrainian capital, Кыів Кыйив / Кыив/ , in order to prepare the Kazakh for a Ukrainian real international name.
In Ukraine, road signs with Russian names are thrown into the trash and signs are installed instead of them from Kyiv. Already now, there is no need to use fake Kiev as the main translation.
Replacing the Cyrillic alphabet in Latin alphabet will lead to the fact that the English names of Ukrainian cities will become major in the Kazakh language.
The English language uses Ukrainian real names. Open the English version of Google Maps Yandex wego.here.com - there you will only see the Ukrainian name--[[Қатысушы:Bohdan Bondar|Bohdan Bondar]] ([[Қатысушы талқылауы:Bohdan Bondar|талқылауы]]) 1620:0637, 2019 ж. маусымның 13 (+06)