Ахкәм: Нұсқалар арасындағы айырмашылық

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'''Ahkam''' ({{lang-ar|<big>أحكام</big>}} plural ofкөпше '''HukmХукм''' {{lang-ar|<big>حُكْم</big>}})
<!--is a reference to the [[Islamic]] commandments, derived and understood from [[religious jurisprudence resources]] ({{lang-ar|مَنَابِعُ الفِقْهِ}}). A law, value, ordinance or ruling of [[Shari'ah]] (Islamic law). In order to arrive at any new legal doctrine, or ''hukm'', one must employ a systematic methodology by which to extract meaning from the sources. Traditionally, this methodology has been categorized under the rules of [[ijtihad]] (independent reasoning, authentic scholarly endeavor).<ref>Islamic Legal Interpretation, Harvard University Press 1996</ref>