Үлгі:Грамматикасы тексерілсін

(i) Құжаттама


  • This template takes an optional parameter that replaces the words article or section in the displayed message with arbitrary text.
    For example, {{copyedit|section}} displays This section needs copy editing etc.
  • This template takes the optional parameter for=grammar, style, cohesion, tone or spelling. (this is the default, you may remove parts you don't need, e.g. {{copyedit|for=grammar and spelling.}} (Note: please include the final period)
  • This template takes the optional parameter date=month year, and a brief synopsis of the observed problems can be given after a second pipetrick.
  • This template will auto-categorise tagged articles into Category:All articles needing copy edit. However, if the optional parameter categories is set to no, the template will not categorise the page.
  • This template is a self-reference.
  • Please do not subst: this template.


  1. {{Gcheck}}
  2. {{Grammar check}}
  3. {{Copy-edit}}
  4. {{Cleanup-copyedit}}
  5. {{Cleanup-english}}

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