Үлгі:Infobox Computer Hardware Generic


This is for generic pieces of computer hardware that don't have more specific infoboxes, such as hard drives, motherboards, CD-ROMs etc. It should not be used for hardware such as CPUs that have their own specific infoboxes. External hardware should not use this box either.

Usage өңдеу

{{Infobox Computer Hardware Generic
| name        = Device Name.
| image       = An image to show in the infobox.
| caption     = A caption for the image.
| invent-date = Date of Invention.
| invent-name = Name of Inventor.
| conn1       = What the device connects to. (range 1-3)
| via1_1      = Possible interface for connection. (range 1-8)
| class-name  = Name of the subclassing method.
| class1      = First value in subclassing. (range 1-5)
| manuf1      = Common manufacturers of the device. (range 1-5)

All fields, except 'name' are optional

The numbered atributes mean that there is allowance for multiples. The via attributes range from via1_1 to via3_8 where the first number corresponds to the appropriate connection number and the second number is the position in that connections 'via' list.

Images will be coming soon.

See the talk page for some examples which show the full usage of this infobox in a few combinations.