Oracle DatabaseOracle Corporation фирмасы жасап шығарған объект-реляциялық дерекқор басқару жүйесі (ORDBMS)[2]. Оның бір ерекше қасиеті — үлкен компьютерден бастап шағын дербес компьютерлердің кез келгенінде жұмыс істей береді.[3]

Oracle Database
Жасақтаушылар Oracle Corporation
Development status Active
Жазылу тілі Ассемблер, C, C++[1]
Available in көптілді
Түрі Объект-реляциялық дерекқор басқару жүйесі (ORDBMS)
License проприетарлы
Сайты Oracle RDBMS



Корпоративтік/техникалық уақыт кестесі

  • 1977: Ларри Элисон және достары Software Development Laboratories (SDL) мекемесінің негізін құрады.
  • 1979: жылы компания атауы SDL-ден "Relational Software, Inc." (RSI) деген атауға өзгерді, бұл мекеме жаңа Oracle V2 атты реляциялық дерекқор жүйесін өндірді. The version did not support transactions, but implemented the basic SQL functionality of queries and joins. (RSI never released a version 1 - instead calling the first version version 2 as a marketing gimmick.)[4]
  • 1982: RSI in its turn changed its name, becoming known as "Oracle Corporation",[5] to align itself more closely with its flagship product.
  • 1983: The company released Oracle version 3, which it had re-written using the C programming language and which supported COMMIT and ROLLBACK functionality for transactions. Version 3 extended platform support from the existing Digital VAX/VMS systems to include Unix environments.[5]
  • 1984: Oracle Corporation released Oracle version 4, which supported read-consistency.
  • 1985: Oracle Corporation released Oracle version 5, which supported the client–server model—a sign of networks becoming more widely available in the mid-1980s.
  • 1986: Oracle version 5.1 started supporting distributed queries.
  • 1988: Oracle RDBMS version 6 came out with support for PL/SQL embedded within Oracle Forms v3 (version 6 could not store PL/SQL in the database proper), row-level locking and hot backups.[6]
  • 1989: Oracle Corporation entered the application products market and developed its ERP product, (later to become part of the Oracle E-Business Suite), based on the Oracle relational database.
  • 1990: the release of Oracle Applications release 8[5]
  • 1992: Oracle version 7 appeared with support for referential integrity, stored procedures and triggers.
  • 1997: Oracle Corporation released version 8, which supported object-oriented development and multimedia applications.
  • 1999: The release of Oracle8i aimed to provide a database inter-operating better with the Internet (the i in the name stands for "Internet"). The Oracle8i database incorporated a native Java virtual machine (Oracle JVM, also known as "Aurora").[7]
  • 2000: Oracle E-Business Suite 11i pioneers integrated enterprise application software[5]
  • 2001: Oracle9i went into release with 400 new features, including the ability to read and write XML documents. 9i also provided an option for Oracle RAC, or "Real Application Clusters", a computer-cluster database, as a replacement for the Oracle Parallel Server (OPS) option.
  • 2002: the release of Oracle 9i Database Release 2 (9.2.0)[8]
  • 2003: Oracle Corporation released Oracle Database 10g, which supported regular expressions. (The g stands for "grid"; emphasizing a marketing thrust of presenting 10g as "grid computing ready".)
  • 2005: Oracle Database—also known as Oracle Database 10g Release 2 (10gR2)—appeared.
  • 2006: Oracle Corporation announces Unbreakable Linux[5] and acquires i-flex
  • 2007: Oracle Database 10g release 2 sets a new world record TPC-H 3000 GB benchmark result[9]
  • 2007: Oracle Corporation мекемесі Linux және Microsoft Windows ОС-нде жұмыс істейтін Oracle Database 11g дерекқор базасын өндірді.
  • 2008: Oracle Corporation BEA Systems мекемесін сатып алды.
  • 2010: Oracle Corporation Sun Microsystems мекемесін сатып алды.
  • 2011: Oracle Corporation веб контент менеджмент жүйесі FatWire Software мекемесін сатып алды.


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